About Robin Tacchi Plants

Robin Tacchi Plants is a leading UK wholesale nursery with over 35 years of expertise and experience in Landscape and Horticulture industries. We offer an individual service with commitment, integrity, quality and efficient delivery. Our reputation has been built on growing a full range of award winning plants and offering innovative, sustainable planting solutions to major projects nationwide.

We work with designers, developers and contractors to understand their aspirations and expectations to deliver solutions that meet the demands of their projects. Our role is to bring our horticultural skills and expertise to our customers so they can be confident of achieving the best value and best use of plants.

Robin Tacchi Plants are always looking to the future and developing new and alternative varieties in line with current trends and demands ahead of the potential pests and diseases nationwide. To help keep designers and professionals in tune with new and current commercially produced varieties, we offer comprehensive best practice specification guide (Spec21) as well as CPD training sessions.

If you have a project you’d like to discuss, call us on 01953 681312

Quality plants every time

Quality control is an integral part of our service to our customers. As leaders in contract growing, our customers expect only the highest quality of plants from us and with our horticultural expertise this is what we supply.

We give your plants the best possible start with plenty of space between plants on growing beds. They are trimmed and shaped to ensure strong well-structured plants.

The compost we use is peat reduced and mixed to our recipe incorporating 14 months controlled release fertiliser. All our plants have a minimum of 12 months Vine Weevil protection and potential host plants have an additional 12 months protection.

We are constantly looking ahead to find commercial plants which are disease resistant while also meeting the changing environmental needs and design fashions.

With our expertise we understand plants, their ecology and environment. We can provide advice and support to make sure any project uses the best varieties as well as the best quality of plants.

Our history

Robin Tacchi started the company back in 1983. Already an established, highly regarded grower, he moved away from the family business in Cambridgeshire and to the Norfolk/Suffolk border to set up on his own.

From one greenhouse, a potting machine and a couple of staff, the business has developed and grown over the years. The company outgrew the original site and in 2001 we moved to our present site. With 70 acres of planting space and some 30-35 employees, we have gone from strength to strength.

In 2006 we won Horticultural Week’s ‘Grower of the Year’ and over the years have been involved in many of the UK’s largest soft landscaping projects including Bluewater Park and the Olympic Park.

We are the company people come to when they want more than just plants. We work closely with our clients and have the expertise to be able to talk their own language whether they are designers, architects, contractors or retail nurseries.