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We have the knowledge and expertise to provide plant advice and training to our clients and their projects, from helping with the design to offering specific plants that will fit into the scheme, we have great enthusiasm for finding the solution to all planting challenges.

We have an extensive range of training and cpd services for sharing our plant expertise and each of these can be tailored to your requirements.

We aim to deliver robust and innovative solutions supported by best practice.

Spec 21 Eco21 cpd training and videos plant advice from our Plant Consultant student and college training.


Spec 21

Spec21 is a plant specification guide for contemporary, commercially produced landscape plants. The aim of the guide is to provide concise plant specifications so that the expected quality of plant material is clearly defined. In our view plant material should be regarded the same as any other material on site and have clearly identifiable specifications

A landscape plant needs to be well structured, robust and vigorous. The structure is the most important factor, without a good structure a plant will never achieve a good shape and form. By providing detailed specifications on pot size, indicative plant size and proportional structure, Spec21 aims to ensure that the plant material is suitable for the task.

The varieties selected for inclusion in Spec21 the guide are proven commercially produced plants for successful professional soft landscape designs. It is not a definitive list of plants but a list of key varieties for commercial landscapes. Our aim is not to restrict the design palette but to provide a strong reliable ‘back bone’ which can then be enhanced.

The guide is regularly updated with new and improved varieties and any varieties that have not performed as expected on site are removed from the lists.

Spec21 works within the HTA National Plant Specification and the aim is to produce a best practice guide, using the pot sizes and specification we would recommend for best value sustainable landscape plantings.

‘It is quite clear this won’t constrict our design ambitions, rather the reverse as we will have confidence that the effects we want to achieve, can be achieved and will last.’
‘Like many practices our new young members of staff have yet to gain experience and knowledge of the use of plants in soft landscaping. robin tacchi plants has proved invaluable’ Townshend Landscape Architects

‘We would not hesitate to recommend robin tacchi plants as horticultural advisors, growers and landscape plant specialists. Spec21 must be of considerable educational benefit to new and established members of our profession.’ Clive McDonnell Landscape Design Advice.

Plant advice – plants are our speciality

We respect good design and work closely with landscape architect practices and designers. By focusing on clients’ requirements, we aim to provide high quality, innovative, cost effective advice.

Contact us at the early stages of a design and our plant consultant can help with selecting the best variety for the aspiration of the design, the planting environment and the project budget.

By talking to us, we can offer all kinds of ideas and solutions to the particular challenge with your project, be it plant types, environmental constraints or budget restraints.

CPD and videos

Our plant experts run CPD and workshop sessions on plants for the landscape. You can arrange to visit the nursery or we can come to you. The sessions are tailored to your particular needs – it may be a reminder, an update on varieties or an introduction to the best use of plants as a medium. We have also run sessions for specific projects focusing on your aspirations and potential challenges, cutting out the need for researching plant varieties. If you would rather run your own in-house CPD session we have a series of training videos on specification and densities for grasses, ferns, perennials, shrubs and climbers. These can be run together or separately just for a 10-minute update or training session.

Contact us and find out how we can help you or download a sample of our videos.


Our plant experts run CPD and Workshop sessions on plants for the landscape and we are very pleased to include students in these when possible.

We actively encourage the development of new skills for the next generation of Designers and Horticulturists and are happy to both visit and have visits from colleges and schools. The student placements we run on the nursery are taken up every year.

Our series of training videos on specification and densities for grasses, ferns, perennials, shrubs and climbers are ideal for an introduction to landscape plants for students.

Both Spec21 and Eco21 are available to every student and college.

For further training & advice, call us on 01953 681312