Robin Tacchi Plants has over 35 years’ experience of working within the landscape industry: growing, delivering solutions, providing advice and support.

During that time, we have established strong relationships with many contractors. They know they can rely on us to make sure that every project is delivered on time, within budget and to the complete satisfaction of the client. We can help control costs without lowering the quality of plants we supply or the service we provide.

We provide practical and affordable solutions for planting projects. Contractors rely on our knowledge and growing expertise for their horticultural and environmental projects.

Contract growing or advance procurement

Our contract growing or advance procurement service is the best and most successful method of controlling quality, supply and costs. The service allows you to order specific plants to be grown for a specified time and is a cost-effective way to guarantee stock when you need it. It avoids having to make last minute plant substitutions and allows your exact specifications to be achieved. You will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will help manage the timetable and provide regular reports to you on the progress of your plants.

Contract growing offers:

  • Full availability to specification
  • Best market prices
  • Budget control
  • Inspected and approved plants before arrival on site
  • Delivery to the project timetable

All our award-winning projects are result of advance procurement contracts.


At Robin Tacchi Plants we provide:

  • Accurate and detailed plant specification clearly defining the client’s expectation from the first tender stage.
  • An unambiguous quality standard for robust plant material.
  • A basis for ensuring compliance and accurate budgeting and tendering.
  • Quality assurance for clients.
  • Improved establishment and impact with good quality material.
  • Best value costing based on explicit requirements.

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